Howard Bunsis and the OSU Budget

Increasing tuition, low wages, neglected buildings – are Oregon State’s administrator’s using our funds with the faculty, staff, and students in mind, or just their bottom line?

Howard Bunsis, Professor of Accounting at Eastern Michigan University, visited OSU in 2011 when administrators were attempting to enforce furloughs for faculty and staff, and found that this was an entirely unnecessary measure.

He’s coming back on February 24th to take lay out the university budget in more understandable terms at noon in MU 104 (The Journey Room). 

Available below are the slides he presented during his last visit – take a look!

OSU Bunsis Presentation Feb 2011

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New Website!

Thank you for your interest in ASAP!

We have a new website and will no longer be using WordPress as our main page, though we will leave it up for resources and documents.

Please visit us at

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Allied Students for Another Politics means…


Our Mission: We are a group of student organizers that position ourselves against all forms of oppression such as those that relate to race, gender, sexual orientation, and class. Guided by principles of inclusivity and committed to consensus decision-making, we aim to foster the empowerment and autonomy of student and community populations through means of mobilization and education projects. We hope to align our projects with other like-minded organizations and people with the spirit of solidarity, and the recognition that change starts at the bottom through the countless small actions of unknown people.

What is Another Politics? Inspired by the extensive documentary work of Oregon State University alum and activist, Chris Dixon, we believe as a group that we belong to the current spirit of popular anti-oppression movements in the U.S. that Dixon has categorized as “Another Politics,” which he details as having four core principles as follows:

  1. Struggling against all forms of domination, exploitation, and oppression.
  2. Developing new social relations and forms of social organization in the process of struggle.
  3. Linking struggles for improvements in the lives of ordinary people to long-term transformative visions.
  4. Organizing that is grassroots and bottom-up.

For further information on the matter, we highly encourage you to read Dixon’s Another Politics: Talking Across Today’s Transformative Movements


We meet every Friday at 4:30 in Milam 319A, if you want to participate come to a meeting or send us an email


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